468 Field Trip rewards you for exploring places within communities. The more places you visit, the more points you can earn and redeem for goods or services at Rewards locations.

account icon

Create an account.
With an account, you can collect points, and redeem them for goods or services at Rewards locations.

explore icon

The Explore button takes you to the community’s map, which has pins indicating places of interest where you can collect points.  Clicking on each pin on the map gives you more information about that location.

points icon

Collect points.
Each location is assigned a point value, which can be collected when you are within GPS range of a location. Pushing the “Collect Points” button while physically visiting a location will add the location’s points to your point total. You are able to collect a location’s points once. To keep earning points, explore more locations. You can track your point total on your Achievements page.


rewards icon

Redeem rewards.
Once you collect enough points, those points can be redeemed for goods or services at Rewards locations. Select the place where you would like to redeem your reward. Hitting the “Redeem Rewards” button while physically at a Rewards location will bring up a key pad for the place owner to enter a code to deduct points from your point total in exchange for your reward.

share icon

Share with friends.
Find a place you want to let others know about? The Share button on each location’s page allows you to share information about that place via your social media channels.